Thursday, 2 June 2016

London GT 2016

I recently attended the inaugural London grand tournament, with a total of 86 attendees this was quite a large tournament, and the largest that I have attended. I took my Tau as per my previous post. I’ll just post a quick run through of my games rather than a detailed account of the action.

Game 1, vs chaos sorcerer cabal and zombie horde. With Typhus and cypher.

So this game I was playing against ~120 plague zombies with the sorcerer cabal having five level 3 sorcerers. With their ability to take control of one of my models for shooting. With the obvious target of the Stormsurge of this power, I was hesitant to deploy too much of my army. My opponent deployed two large zombie blobs one with two sorcerers and the other with typhus and a sorcerer. He had a large squad of chaos spawn deployed behind typhus's blob. Cypher and one sorcerer were outflanking with one of the zombie hordes.

I deployed my storm surge and ghostkeels far apart to prevent the sorcerer cabal taking too much of a toll in the first turn. Keeping the rest of my army in reserve.
He marched his hordes forward in the first turn, successfully using the storm surge to kill a drone from the ghostkeel unit. But failing to cast invisibility on himself. He then made what I thought was a mistake by gating next to my storm surge. In my turn I used to wall of mirrors to kill a couple of the chaos spawn before charging into his gated unit with the storm surge and stomping all over them until there was only a single zombie left. In the following turns in managed to six out Typhus with a D hit that he failed to look out sir. When his reserves arrived I intercepted them with a lot of my army to reduce their numbers and then charge in with a riptide to tie them up. The tide survived on a single wound and he hit and run out of combat. In his final turn his remaining models killed the riptide and then I retaliated by killing the rest of his unit. Wiping him out for a full win.

Game two.
In this round we were playing end game objectives and a the maelstrom mission where you generate objectives based on the number of objectives you control. I was playing battle company...

My opponent had the battle company with basic upgrades, an entire parking lot of razorbacks and the vindicator formation along with some drop podding dreadnoughts for flavour.
My opponent won first turn, which gave me a chance at the end game objectives. I knew that I wouldn't win the maelstrom for the secondary's against that many obsec units, but fancied my chances at the end game. My opponent started by moving up into the mid table grabbing as many objectives as possible. I took the fight to the enemy with the ghostkeels excelling in killing space marine vehicles. Three tanks a turn fell to these elite vehicle hunters. The Stormsurge unfortunately spent a lot of the game tied up with a single marine in combat (I rolled double 1 to wound three turns in a row).

The rest of my army was slowly chewing its way through the marines, being careful to stay in a mutually supportive position. My opponent didn’t have a huge amount of weapons that posed a significant threat to me once the vindicators were taken care of.
We had to rush through the last turns to try and get to the end of the game, but I ended up holding four objectives to the space marines 1. However the maelstrom went completely to the marines. Had we had time for another turn, I would have killed the two remaining marines and the final drop pod to table my opponent. As it was the game ended on a narrow victory for myself.

Game 3
With two wins under my belt I was doing a lot better than I expected. But the narrow win against the battle company meant I dropped down through the rankings. The next mission was kill points. (battle company would have been a great opponent in this one).
In this round I was facing Grey Knights using the new angels of death powers. With an allied skyhammer annihilation force running lots of grav cannons. The grey knight portion of the army composed of two nemesis dreadknights and two large terminator squads with attached librarians.
I got the infiltrate warlord trait and infiltrated my Stormsurge and stealth cadre to get some shots on his dreadknights. My commander infiltrated into a building to get in range with the markerlights so I could D shot his dreadknights.
The game started well for me with both of his dreadknights being torn apart by destroyer missiles and D shots from the pulse blastcannon. I intercepted his skyhammer devestators taking all the grav cannons from one squad while the other squad remained untouched. One of the assault squads mishaped on the deepstrike going into ongoing reserves.
His return fire put the grav cannons into one of the riptides who survived on one wound thanks to his nova charged shields. The assault squad charged into my commander and drones keeping them tied up in combat for most of the game, with the commander eventually emerging victorious.
In later turns the game boiled down to a combat between his remaining terminators and the Stormsurge, riptide and ghostkeels. By the time the combat had ended my Stormsurge, two ghost keels and a single riptide were victorious. Leaving my opponent with a drop pod and he conceded.
So at the end of game three I was 3-0 up on wins, so even if I lost my next two I would have still achieved the 3-2 I set out to at the start of the tournament.
However this also meant that I would be facing the top tier tables in the next round...

Thursday, 26 May 2016

London 40K GT 2016

As some of you may know, there is a tournament coming up in London this weekend. As my interest in 40K has been rekindled recently, I have decided to go along and try my hand. I don't expect to do too well as my experience has been somewhat limited in regards to gaming. However I thought I would post a copy of the list I am taking. My force will be as follows:

Primary Detachment Faction: Tau
Tau Hunter Contingent [1217]
HQ1: Commander (), Iridium armour (), Neuroweb System Jammer (), Missile Pod (), Drone Controller (), Stimulant Injector (), Target Lock () 2x Marker Drones () [WARLORD]            []
Elite1: Riptide Battlesuit (), Smart Missile System (0), Ion accelerator (), Early Warning Override ()             [190]
Elite2: Riptide Battlesuit (), Smart Missile System (0), Ion accelerator (), Early Warning Override ()             [190]
Troop1: Strike Team, 5x Firewarriors (), DS8 Smart Missile Turret (10) []
Troop2: Strike Team, 5x Firewarriors (), DS8 Smart Missile Turret () []
Troop3: Strike Team, 5x Firewarriors (), DS8 Smart Missile Turret () []
Fast Attack1: Drone Squadron, 5x marker Drones
Heavy Support: Stormsurge (), Shield Generator (50), Pulse blastcannon (), Twin linked Airbursting Frag Projector (), Advanced targeting System (), Early Warning Override ()            [423]

Auxiliary Formation: Optimised Stealth Cadre [633]
Elite3: Ghost Keel s battlesuits-Bonding Knife (3)
GhostKeel (130), Cyclic Ion Raker (), Twin Linked Fusion Blaster ()
GhostKeel (130), Cyclic Ion Raker (), Twin Linked Fusion Blaster (), Target Lock ()
GhostKeel (130), Cyclic Ion Raker (), Twin Linked Fusion Blaster (), Target Lock (), Velocity Tracker            
Elite4: Stealthsuits x 3
Elite5: Stealthsuits x 3

Total [1850]

The tournament is limited to two sources, decurion style detachments use up both slots. I have decided to go down the hunter contingent route as this will hopefully allow me to maximise the use of my limited markerlights. I was really impressed with the damage output from the optimised stealth cadre in my last tournament so decided to re use them at this event. The rest of the army is pretty self explanatory. The drone commander will go with the marker drones to hopefully allow me to hit something with the D missiles pretty hard in the first turn or two of the game. Riptides are awesome, although the limit to two sources prevents the addition of a riptide wing. That, and I only have two riptides. :). The firewarriors in the hunter cadre are there to secure objectives and also useful for buffing the ballistic skill of another unit through combined fire. I'm also hoping that their sms turrets will help against warp spiders.
The storm surge is there as a D platform to hopefully take out other superheavies in a flurry of D missiles. The EWO will prove handy for intercepting drop pods. But I'm not convinced by the use of a singular storm surge. I think they excel in pairs but one is outclasses by other super heavies by a large margin. On thee other hand, it did perform pretty well on its own in a 1500 point tournament.
Anyway, that's all for my list. Hopefully it wont go too badly.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Ghostkeel WIP

Just wanted to post a quick work in progress shot of the latest addition to my Tau army. The rust effect looks a little over the top in the photo. But the flash from the camera shows it up far more than in actually looks in daylight.
I recently got to try the optimised stealth cadre in a tournament. I was hugely impressed with their performance. They took huge chunks out of a war convocation, survived an eldar D fest, and took an impressive toll against another Tau army. I will definitely be using these guys again soon.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Journal of a Sentient Grot: Don't Get Cocky, Kid...


The revolution is postponed!

I had developed a super weapon, a fortress hidden beneath the wastes of this planet that when finished, would fly across the galaxy and unleash awesome destructive power. With it I would free my cousins from the yoke of Orkish oppression, and maybe blow up a planet or two just for shits and giggles...

But now it's all ruined, the whole thing destroyed, because of some random dirt eating flyboy Ork...

I suppose my overconfidence was my weakness...

Who'd have thought someone would drop explosives down a small thermal exhaust port. Knew I should have put a gate on that thing...

Now at the top of Ereyous deathlist... when the revolution comes my friend...

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Journal of a Sentient Grot: A change of scenery

*This is a narrative series of posts I've run on my other blog to accompany my last Tale of Some Gamers I did with Orks, and as I'm posting on this blog about my current tale, I've decided to transfer this across to here. If you wish to read up on the old posts, follow the link.

Greetings once again fellow travellers. So much has happened since I last had the chance to address you, so here goes a quick update.

We ploughed across the Corvus subsector for a bit, but then followed Wazzdakka as he continued his trail across the galaxy. The fuel heavy nature of our operations meant we spent a lot of time attacking ice worlds stealing promethium, and quite frankly I was getting sick of my knackers always being on the point of frostbite. So while sharing a space hulk with another tribe for a spell, I slipped across from one camp to the other during one of the inevitable fights. Bad Moons are notoriously wealthy, and therefore there will be richer pickings for me to finance my revolution. Bugrit meanwhile has continued his Promethium hunting Waagh, always in search of enough fuel to continue following Wazzdakka. As for wazzdakka, he waits for no ork... he's carried on riding, perhaps into legend.

Rode off into Legend, we hope for his eventual return.

Anyway, as for myself I've continued with my experiments trying to reproduce the effect that led to my own genesis. Thus far unsuccessfully. All I have managed to achieve was some gravity warping effects that had an unpleasant effect on some of my colleagues, but on the bright side we have been able to weaponise it into a makeshift anti aircraft battery. We've also managed to get an old truck running again, and are working on some air support for our little warband. We also have some Mega-Armour suits to fix up (an interesting prospect, I may have to see if one could be modified to be worn by one of my own kind - such a thing would be very useful come the revolution) and various vehicles in various states of readiness.

More lads are joining this Waagh by the day, all drawn to the legendary leadership of this particular warboss, one Galaktika Thrakkit. I have yet to cross this orks path, and this is something I am keen to avoid - I'm as likely to get eaten as stepped on, and not knowing whether either action was deliberate or an accident would be of little comfort. I shall keep my head down, keep tinkering, and one day, one glorious day, our time will come...

*In other news, I have completed my Traktor Kannons, and am working on the grots. That just leaves the Dakkajet for this periods allocation of the Tale. I can do this... just try not to get distracted by the shiny new Nagash stuff. Pictures to follow in another post.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Tale of Trukin

So I recently started a Tale of Some Gamers, and have started work on my army. I've completed a squad of boyz, a mek, a runtherd... but I've painted plenty of Orks before, the only real difference is this time there is a splash of yellow instead of red for this tribe. The one I was more concerned with was my first vehicle.

One, it's my first time painting yellow. Tricky on the little patches on the infantry, but on a vehicle, with large blocks of colour, more of a challenge.
Two, I wanted to try my hand at that salt weathering technique. So, a new colour scheme AND a completely new method of painting. I think I may have a masochistic streak... should be painting Dark Eldar.
Three, I also wanted to try out a couple of the new technical paints, and some weathering dusts. Just because.

Anyway, the first truk is done. Overall I am happy with the result. The yellow took a lot longer than I anticipated, but it wasn't as bone achingly long as the line highlights on my Necron vehicles (a method that I liked the effect of, but have never bought another vehicle for that army since doing two annihilation barges and one Doomsday ark - and if I'd painted the annihilation barges first I wouldn't have painted the Doomsday Ark, cos I never use the bloody thing!)

This leaves me with a dakkajet, 3 mek guns, and about 30 gretchin/ammo runts/ grot oilers etc to do before the last Tuesday in September. That sounds achievable. Pics of the finished truk are below.